Silent Rain


ppl who don’t dress up for halloween bc it’s too childish are halloweak

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Kumo Tenka | | Eldest Son | | 🌸

"Kumo Tenka, the one who laughs at the land beneath the muddy skies."

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Tsundere Mikorin ↷ a gift for Luce
Shigino Brothers

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You, move the TARDIS, like Addams Family.

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this is how you fall in love

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And his nickname is “Douche face”

I LOVE THAT THIS CHARACTER EXISTS. like i don’t love the character. but i love that he’s a thing. HE IS A TOKEN WHITE GUY, in the sense that his character is there, in this group of students, pretty much purely as comic relief based on stereotypical straight white dudebro behavior. THIS IS NOT A THING THAT HAPPENS MUCH, at least not without the other characters also being white/straight/etc.

and look how much they have him appropriate AAVE (it’s practically constant). there are actual writers in a writers’ room thinking “how can we make straight white dudes look pathetic in a hilarious way this week” and i loooooove iiiiiiiit

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【曇天に笑う】 安倍蒼世様にストライクです♡


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"I was always taught to be suspicious of people. To be suspicious of anything and everything. But they’re different. The guys here tend to believe in everyone. That is why I’ll be suspicious on their behalf." 

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